3 Ways To Get Energy

    Judging by the sales of energy drinks and coffee, we’re suffering from a severe internal energy crisis. As you ask yourself to do more and more in less and less time, you may find yourself a bit under it all or flat-out overwhelmed, depleted, and exhausted.

    In the next several posts, we’ll get inside our personal energy dynamics to understand how we can stay on top of our game and living with joyful vitality.

    Let’s begin today with some basic concepts. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s well-known that your personal energy system is the basis of your health, immune function, capabilities, and feelings of happiness and vitality. Your personal energy or “qi” (“chee”) comes from three sources: genetics, intake, and cultivation.

    Genetics gives you your basic energetic template or the range of possibilities that you are given to work with. For a long time there seemed to be increasing evidence that, once we understood the genetic code, we’d see that it completely determined our possibilities. Today, however, it’s been found that genetics gives us a scope of possibilities, rather than determining which ones we actualize. We can do a lot to “turn on and off” specific genetic switches through lifestyle choices.

    That’s where intake and cultivation come in.

    Intake ranges from what you eat and drink, to the air you breathe, to the social energy you engage in, to the media you take in, to the subtler energy fields that interact with your body on a subconscious level. Think of everything you take in on all levels as a kind of food for your energy system.

    Cultivation is how you work with what you take in through your intentions, thoughts, feelings, and actions. What do you do with the calories you consume? Do you exercise your body and your mind? Do you engage in purposeful activity? Do you drain your mental energy through negative self-talk? What thoughts and feelings do you focus on? What is your larger intention as you move through your day? Is it to get everything you can for yourself or is it to give everything you can to others?

    Everything that you take in and how you work with it determines your current energy level.

    You see, then, that you are a complex energy system. Learn to think of yourself as a manager of this system. Fortunately, we have a simple feedback system that tells us how we are doing—our mood and energy level. When you begin to monitor your mood and energy level, you start to notice how it relates to what you’ve taken in and what you’re doing with it. It’s your task to monitor your personal energetic input and output.

    In the coming two weeks, we’ll explore several ways to boost your energy by managing your personal energy system. I’d also love to hear what works for you to keep your energy flowing strongly and smoothly.

    Talk to you soon,

    Kevin Schoeninger

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