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The Undercover Secret To A Life of Mastery

You are going to absolutely love this!

I just finished reading a new mini-ebook –
“The Undercover Secret To A Life of Mastery”.
It was written by my good friend Sasha and she
said I could let you have a copy forfree…

Download it here:

Thank you for being such a loyal
reader. I always do my best to bring you great
stuff… and I’m certain you will love reading
this new book too.


Matt Clarkson
The Mind-Body Training Company

P.S. Here is the link. Read it and let me know
what you think.

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Energy Booster #8: How To Tap Into Those Good Vibrations

You’ve probably noticed how being around certain people or at certain social events energizes you, while being around other people or events drains your energy? What’s behind the social energy effect?

Neuroscience has discovered that we have neural structures called “mirror neurons” that enable us to pick up on and model the behavior of those around us. This is one of the things that gives us a capacity for empathy with what someone else is going through. It is supports our ability to learn by watching what someone else is doing.

On an energetic level, think of yourself as a subtle energy system within a larger Field of energy that surrounds you. Your subtle energy system is in constant communication with this Field, though you may not be consciously aware of it. Your personal energy field picks up and processes an infinite amount of energetic information from the larger Field. As a result you begin to resonate with strong energies that are in your vicinity and even those that are far away if you have a strong connection to them.

On the flip side, your own intentions, thoughts, feelings, actions, and attitude have an effect on what happens in the surrounding Field. Have you noticed that when you are more relaxed, happy, positive, and energized those around you interact with you easier, in a more relaxed and positive way?

So what is the energy boosting tip in all of this? On the one hand, make it a habit to choose to associate with positive people and events. On the other hand, bring your positive intentions, thoughts, feelings, actions, and attitude wherever you go to uplift those around you.

We can all use more of those good vibrations.

Kevin Schoeninger

P.S. For a powerful way to shift into a strong, positive, clear and coherent energetic vibration, check out “Raise Your Vibration”

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How to Make Positive Thinking Second Nature

The power of positive thinking is old news. We’ve become well familiarized with the idea that what we think about, feel, and believe makes a huge difference in our lives. Not only does positive thinking make you feel better, it also creates better results in your life—and the lives of those around you.

How do you get to the point of naturally thinking and feeling positively when there is so much around us that seems to invite pessimism?

Here are three things you can do right now to program yourself with a positive outlook and a happier inner vibration (For more details check out the book “Buddha’s Brain” by Rick Hanson, Ph.D. and Richard Mendius, M.D.):

1. Actively look for the positive: You may be subconsciously conditioned to see the world pessimistically, so it may take some effort to look for the positive. But, really, it’s just a good habit that you can develop. Seek out good news, positive people, and the best possibilities in whatever happens.

2. Once you find something positive focus on it for an extended period of time: Go into it in greater depth, so you begin to see even more positive elements under the surface. Imagine how that one little positive element could grow into something even better with a little attention.

3. Feel that positive experience deeply: Take in the positive with all your senses. Allow the positive element to brighten and stand out in the foreground of your awareness. Accentuate it. Tune in to how that positive element makes your body feel. Let it warm your heart. Feel your body tingle with anticipation of what good things could come if there were more positive events and actions like this.

The more you focus on the positive, keep it in your attention, and enhance the felt experience of it, the more you build the neural networks that enable you to perceive the positive in any situation. This is not some kind of wishy-washy thinking. It is training your mind and body for success and happiness.

Enjoy your practice,


Kevin Schoeninger

P.S. Click here to learn how to “Raise Your Vibration” and live from a positive state of being

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