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Can You See Things As They Are?

With our current political climate heating up, it’s clear that we still operate under a false belief—that we see things as they are. This belief underlies most every conflict. Each side believes that they see things accurately, that they have the “right” belief, and that other points of view are, at best, misguided, if not completely “wrong.” If the results weren’t so serious, that idea would be humorous.

One of the first insights I learned in philosophy was “perspective.” Every experience we have is the result of where we are coming from at the moment—our perspective. Far from seeing things as they are, we are embedded in our own little worlds. Our “worlds” are made of intentions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, inner sensations, habits, personal history, cultural assumptions, prejudices, and environmental conditions. All these coalesce to create our point of view at the moment—quite a complex web. Our perspective is a thick and heavily colored lens through which we perceive what is happening. We are far from seeing things as they are.

Yet, we still argue as if we do. We still argue as if we have the truth. We hold onto our points of view as if they define our very existence. We identify “who we are” with the words in our heads. We have a constant stream of self-talk that tells us that our words express what is real, true, and possible—and their words “don’t.”

This is where the second insight I learned in philosophy comes into play. There is another part of us, some call it our soul, Higher Self, or essence. I like to call it Core Energy. This part of us is in touch with the whole field of existence. It is simultaneously connected to everything, to the unity that is underneath it all. This part of us can observe the comings and goings of perspectives, thoughts, feelings, and actions, and not be caught up in it all. This part of us knows that these are like clouds that float by across the sky of a deeper truth—a unified Field in which we are all related and interdependent.

If there is a deeper truth, it is not to be found in the words of our arguments. It is in a dimension beyond words—a place of deep silence, stillness, and clear awareness. If such awareness is possible, it is not found by defending any perspective or point of view. If such awareness is possible, it is discovered in letting go of our thoughts, reactions, and differences.

Our worlds are so busy, noisy, anxious, and frantic. If we are to find a deeper truth, it is by making time and space for listening to the silence.

Enjoy your practice!


Kevin Schoeninger

P.S. Meditation is a great way to discover a quiet mind. To learn more, click here.

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Does THIS bother you? << PLUS Killer Meditation to Release Resistance!

Does it bother you? When you look at your life and see you’re NOT getting the results you want?

Or when you see disturbing things going on in the world… played over and over in the news?

When things aren’t going how you’d like, it’s important to “take the power back,” but to do so in the best possible way!

The energy of ANGER cuts through victim-consciousness like a hot knife through butter…

And that’s a wonderful stepping-stone to higher states of consciousness, but ultimately being ANTI what you don’t want only FEEDS what you’re resisting – “What you resist persists”, yes?

A better way, to be both happier and more practically effective in any situation, is to accept whatever APPEARS to be happening, at least internally. Then, whether you take action or not externally, you will be the most effective.

Just like in martial arts, if you resist your opponent’s attack, you are enabling what you don’t want. The intelligent martial artist knows how to “accept” and re-direct the “unwanted energy” and turn it to his or her advantage.

The following meditation will help to stop feeding what you don’t want. From this place of non-attachment you’ll find yourself far more empowered to turn circumstances in your favor, and be “for” what you DO want.

Just find a comfortable position, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Enjoy the “Acceptance Meditation” HERE –>>>

Enjoy it, 🙂

– Matt Clarkson
The Mind-Body Training Company

P.S. Please share this with those who would benefit from this message.

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