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What Belief Is Holding You Back?

As you pursue that One Thing that you want to grow in your life, you may come up against resistance. There may be some kickback from your subconscious. This is natural and it actually comes from an important function that your subconscious fulfills.

Your subconscious is charged with the task of keeping things running as usual. It monitors all those basic life functions such as breathing, keeping your heart beating, and digesting your food, as well as the repetitive activities that you’ve learned like brushing your teeth, driving your car, and the other necessary skills in your life.

Your subconscious also repeats mental-emotional response patterns that you’ve learned from your life experiences.
This is a double-edged sword. Why? Because some of the ways you learned to cope when you were younger and less mentally-emotionally skilled have become ingrained and are triggered by present associations with past similar events.

When it comes to subjects like money, or weight-loss, or how you look, or how smart you are, or if you are capable of doing x, y, or z, you may have encoded strong emotional messages in your past about your insufficiency in these areas. When you move to change these areas of your life now, you’re going to run into those past associations and they will start a chain of thought-feeling-action that may make you feel bad about yourself and your prospects for change.

So when you initiate that One Thing that you want to grow in your life those past associations will arise. You’ll find yourself agitated, frustrated, and unable to move forward. What can you do about that?

First, see if you can identify the essence of what you are believing when you feel resistance. Ask yourself: what do I believe about myself or life that is causing resistance?

Many beliefs may come up. Can you identify the one that is strongest? This strong limiting belief gives birth to what I call your dominant reactive pattern. This is your default mode when things get tough.

Your default mode may be anger, sadness, boredom, pessimism, or criticism of yourself and/or others. When you gain insight into your dominant belief and the default mental-emotional stance that it puts you into, you have taken a powerful step toward releasing yourself from it.

The key is this: Observe your thought-feeling-belief-behavior and accept it. Don’t think that this thought-feeling-belief-behavior defines who you are. It is just a habit you learned. When you understand that, you’ve taken the first step to learning and growing something new.

Enjoy your insight,

Kevin Schoeninger

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