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The Cure for Negative Feelings


Stress, anxiety, anger, fear, depression, and sadness have been defined as “negative emotions.” These are often pinpointed as the culprits when our lives are less than happy, fulfilling, and successful. We’re often told that if we could just get past them, we’d experience the peace, joy, health, and abundance that is our natural state.

These “negative emotions” seem to stand in our way. They seem to prevent us from getting everything done, from enjoying the comforts and pleasures of life, and from arriving where we want to go. If we could just find the cure for our negative feelings. . .

What if, on the other hand, our emotions were messages from our soul? What if every emotion arises with a specific purpose? What if every emotion contains important information and energy to carry out an important inward action? What if we knew how to read that information and use that energy?

Karla McLaren explores those possibilities in her phenomenal new book “The Language of Emotions” (Sounds True, 2010).

In our upcoming posts, we’ll journey into our Emotional Intelligence. We’ll discover the brilliant messages in our emotions and the powerful energy they provide to inspire, guide, and fuel our lives.

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Kevin Schoeninger

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A Little-Known Problem-Solving Secret

What do you do when you get stuck on a problem or task and can’t seem to find a solution or inspiration? What do you do when you get stuck in a bad mood or emotional conflict and can’t seem to shift to a positive state or resolution? In this post, we’ll explore a simple, highly effective, and scientifically-proven technique to help you break-through and move forward.

A big part of what I do here at The Mind-Body Training Company is to create new content each week. To help with that, I keep my brain active by reading, teaching classes, taking seminars, doing new things, interacting with clients, and engaging in my own mind-body training practices. Consistent stimulation is a key to keeping our brains alive, adapting, and expanding.

However, there are those times when I am either stumped on what to write or I’m in the middle of writing and it’s just not coming together. For whatever reason, the ideas aren’t flowing or they aren’t fitting together in a logical sequence. When this happens, or at any time when I feel stuck emotionally or mentally, I’ve found an almost sure-fire solution—taking an exercise break.

Rather than beating my head against my laptop, I get up and move my body. It can be as simple as taking a 15-minute walk. It’s even better if I do a full-blown workout of cardio, strength training, and stretching.

One thing I’ve learned is to keep a pencil and paper handy, because the ideas are going to start flowing. Shortly after I take my mind off what I was working on, get into the rhythm of the movement, and start breathing deeply, new ideas and connections between ideas “magically” come to mind. It’s as if I opened a flood-gate. If I’m doing an exercise where it’s hard to write at the same time, then I just allow the sequence of ideas to grow in my mind. I repeat them in sequence and watch as new ideas get added in an organic way. If I’m doing an exercise that requires my full concentration, I’ll notice that the ideas really start to flow when I’m done.

So why does this work?

What happens in your brain when you exercise?

The latest research shows that exercise stimulates the creation of new neurons and new neural connections in the parts of your brain associated with learning and memory. It also increases nerve conductivity and the production of positive neurotransmitters in the parts of your brain where you process emotions. These “endorphins” not only make you feel better, but they make your body and brain function better as well. All this exercise-induced brain activity can shift you out of a poor mood or mental funk and get your creative juices flowing.

So, the next time you’re feeling stuck, mentally or emotionally, try a little exercise. Get up, get moving, breathe deeply, and be ready to catch the solutions as they flow.

Enjoy your practice!


Kevin Schoeninger

P.S. Learn more about how exercise can help you grow what you truly desire. Click here to discover the “Unexplored Parallel.”

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