2012 Apocalypse: Fact Or Fiction?

    Have you heard the stories? …

    "The world is going to end December 21, 2012"

    Are you scared? 😉

    To be honest with you, when I first heard all this 2012
    apocalypse stuff, I thought, "What a bunch of crap-o-la".

    I mean, come on…

    The myth of the apocalypse is hardly new.

    "Judgement Day", in one way or another, forms part of just
    about every culture’s mythology: Christian, Judaism, Hinduism
    and Islam to name just a few.

    In the bible Jesus says, "Heaven and earth shall pass away".
    The apostle John in the book of Revelation speaks of "A
    new heaven and a new earth".  The Buddha said that reality
    is "impermanent".

    So what are we all so scared of?

    That the world will end? 

    Guess what?

    The world *is* ending and being re-born — **all the time**. 

    That’s the nature of reality.  Maybe we’re all holding on so
    tight that we’re afraid of things changing.

    But the fact remains, there are REAL threats and dangers in
    the world.  To ignore them would be naive and foolish.  For
    many people in Haiti, the earthquake *was* the end of the
    world as they knew it.

    So when people tell me there’s some threat or danger… I
    listen carefully.  I try to listen objectively, but I also try
    not to get carried away in the hype.

    The fact is, there is evidence to suggest that big changes
    are on the horizon.  The question is, what changes are likely
    and what’s the sensible action we should take to prepare?

    My friend Ric Thompson has gathered together some of today’s
    most well-known 2012 researchers, pundits, and leading thinkers
    to get the word on the biggest secrets behind the "upcoming
    2012 event".  He’s put together a short video for you. 

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    Matt Clarkson
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