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An Unexpected Source of Insight

This week we’ll explore how to use resistance as an unexpected source of insight in our lives. You may think of resistance as negative, as something to be avoided. In this week’s posts, we’ll discover how resistance holds the key to your greatest success. You can use resistance to help you grow.

First of all, what is resistance? We’re using the concept in its psychological sense, meaning an inner barrier, a place where you resist moving forward in your life. Resistance may manifest as muscle tension, irritation or annoyance, frustration, self-judgment or criticism of others, or simply the inability to get yourself to follow through with your good intentions.

Where does resistance come from?

That’s the first question to ask yourself when you feel resistance. Rather than avoiding it or trying to push through it, ask yourself “Why am I resisting this thought, feeling, or action?”

Is it because you’ve had past pain related to what you are about to do? Is it because you have done something so much that you have worn it out and are ready for something new? Is it because you are receiving hidden gains from not doing what you have in mind? Or are you just resisting something because it takes a little effort or requires a little change on your part?

You can use points of resistance as doorways to greater inner power when you stop and ask your resistance to teach you about your inner motivations and desires. So, when you feel resistance, take a moment to pause and go a bit deeper. Understand what your resistance is about, so you know how best to approach it. Each moment of resistance provides a different learning opportunity.


Kevin Schoeninger

P.S. The Core Energy Technique is a great way to work with resistance and shift into a positive focus. Click here to learn more.

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The Secret to a Balanced Life

Today we wrap up our series on finding balance in our lives by talking about the most important balance of all—body, heart, mind, and spirit. Each dimension offers us a unique perspective. To realize your potential it’s essential that you understand how to access and integrate them all.

Let’s look at what each dimension expresses and how we can tap into the gifts of each perspective.

Body: the vehicle of your life experiences

Self-care of your body is job one. In this life, in this world, your body is your vehicle. If you neglect the needs of your body, you end up compromising everything else that you want to do. You can optimize your physical health through diet, exercise, rest, and paying attention to the signals that your body sends you about what it needs.

Your body grounds you in the present moment. Being present in your body is the doorway to your heart and to your inner guidance. Your body gives you concrete feedback about all four dimensions of your experience.

Heart: the center of relationships

Your heart is your emotional information center. It tells you how your relationships are going. For example, anger can alert you to intrusions on your personal boundaries; sadness can alert you to what needs to be let go so you can move forward in your life; fear can alert you to action you need to take; and love inspires you to care for others and share your gifts. Be mindful not to repress these important signals, so you can recognize emotional information and accurately discern their messages.

Mind: your organizational center

Your mind organizes your reality so you can take appropriate and effective action. To do that job well, it’s vital to be able to clear your mind and focus on your priorities. Take some time everyday to be still and quiet until your mind relaxes into clarity. Meditation techniques are valuable tools to assist you.

Spirit: your intention center

Spirit guides your life according to “who you are” and “what you are here to do.” As your mind clears, you may settle into a direct experience of Spirit and sense your connection to the One Life that we all share (however you like to describe that). A life consciously flowing from this primary connection moves forward with deeper meaning and purpose.

Are you open to all four of these dimensions? Do you know how to connect with them? Do you consider each of them as you make your life decisions?

I’d love to hear about ways that you access and balance these four dimensions in your life.


Kevin Schoeninger

P.S. Core Energy Meditation is a holistic practice that activates and integrates body, heart, mind, and spirit. You can learn more here: “Energy Meditation Secrets”

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The Best Exercise

Today, we continue our exploration of finding “balance” by focusing on exercise.

We all know that exercise is essential for health and peak performance. It’s a foundation for everything else we want to do. Those of us who do it regularly also know how good it makes us feel. Most of us are also very busy and want to make the most of the time and energy we put into our exercise routines. So, what is the best exercise?

The fact is that each form of exercise gives you different effects, so it’s important to find the right balance in your exercise choices so you reap the benefits of each form.

In my work as a personal trainer for the past 30 years, I’ve divided exercise into four types: aerobic, strength, flexibility, and active relaxation (inner body or mind-body training). A balanced workout week incorporates some of each of these exercise forms.

Aerobic exercise is any continuous, rhythmic, full-body motion that elevates your respiration and heart-rate for a period of time. Examples include walking/hiking/running, swimming, biking, or any of the various cardio machines, such as Stairmaster®, elliptical, or rowing machines. The benefits of aerobic exercise include improved cardio-vascular health and function, increased oxygen delivery resulting in more energy, improved immune response, stress reduction, and better brain function.

Strength training is progressive resistance exercise designed to increase muscle tone, bone density, joint integrity, and connective tissue strength. Strength training also stimulates the release of growth hormone, improves posture and balance, and keeps you able to do all the other activities you love to do in your life. You can do strength training with bodyweight, free weights, or machines.

Flexibility training or stretching is best done after your other exercises. It helps your muscles recover from activity, stimulates muscle growth and repair, improves range of motion, posture, and joint integrity, and releases chronic tension. Even five minutes of stretching after every workout can make a huge difference.

Active relaxation is using your mind to actively release tension in your body and stimulate your natural relaxation response. In the speed and intensity of modern life, it is absolutely essential to have a daily practice of bringing your mind and body down into relaxation and out of chronic tension, stress, and anxiety. You can practice active relaxation through yoga, t’ai chi, qigong, meditation, deep breathing, and progressive relaxation techniques.

To learn more about how to put these four components together efficiently and wisely, check out the link in the P.S. below.

Enjoy your training,


Kevin Schoeninger

P.S. Learn more about Holistic Fitness Training in the following report “The Unexplored Parallel”

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