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Is Your Mind Working With You?

You have good intentions. What keeps you from following through? Do you have a variety of thoughts each heading in their own direction? Do you find obstacles that make you doubt your resources or your abilities? Do you see what can go wrong at every turn?

The key to effectively following through is to be able to stay focused on your goal while making adjustments as you learn more along the way. To do that well you need your mind to work with you.

You need mental skills to fulfill your soul’s desires. Once your soul identifies what is important, once it gives you a vision of value, meaning, and purpose, your mind is the manager in charge of getting the task done. What are the skills of a good manager?

First and foremost a manager takes a big picture view and keeps the goal in sight. Then, a manager designs a plan and manages the details of that plan. Finally, a manager handles the unexpected, the obstacles that arise and the doubts and detours that come up as a result of those obstacles. A manager keeps the whole team moving forward by keeping them focused on the necessary tasks at hand. That manager is your mind.

To manage your life well requires strong mental skills. Fortunately all of these skills can be learned. If you’re not living the life your soul desires, training your mind is a good place to begin. In this week’s posts, we’ll explore five essential mental skills and how you can grow these skills through one simple daily practice.

The first skill is staying focused on what your soul desires. The number one thing that keeps most people from not realizing what they truly desire is giving up. What separates those who are living their dreams and fulfilling their greater purpose is persistence. If you listen to most people who have become successful, you’ll find that they were rejected or overcame countless obstacles all along the way.

It’s not that those folks don’t have doubts, or that they haven’t faced adversity. If anything, they’ve probably experienced more than their share. The most definitive trait successful people have in common is persistence—staying focused on what they are here to do and sticking with it.

What is it that you want to create in your life? It doesn’t have to be something big or flashy. It doesn’t have to seem like much in the eyes of the world. But it does have to “light your fire.” What is it that gives you that spark? Have you let it go and resigned yourself to something less than that? If so, consider that you may just need to get back on focus, stick with it, and make it a top priority in your life.


Kevin Schoeninger

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