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Where Do You Come From?

This week, we’ve explored three keys to authentic communication and what to do when you feel unable to take these positive inner actions. Today we’ll talk about an essential experience that aligns you with your highest potential.

Imagine for a moment that you are a conscious presence who can inhabit anything—any intention, thought, feeling, action, place, or experience. Rather than being defined by what you are thinking or feeling, or by your actions, or even by your body, what if you are essentially something altogether different.

We’ve talked about how to connect with your essential self by taking the perspective of an observer witnessing your thoughts, feelings, and sensations rather than being caught up in and identified with them. When you do that, you may discover, underneath it all, a calm, conscious presence. Imagine that this calm, conscious presence is who you really are.

To get a better feel for yourself at this level requires consistent attention. You can do this by taking some time each day to be still and quiet and observe your inner state. Observe without reacting to or judging what you find inside. In this way, you awaken your experience of an abiding peace that is always available at your core.

As you become familiar with this experience, it may feel like coming home. You may find yourself saying, “This is what I’ve been searching for.” You may have been racing around “out there” after something that is found “in here.”

When you return to that abiding inner peace, you gain freedom from compulsive striving to make things happen. You realize that life is not a numbers game or an endless “To Do” List. You discover that, if you let go of trying hard, if you become real quiet and still, you can precisely discern your next step. You become sensitive to subtle inner nudges that come from authentic guidance. As you choose to inhabit those inclinations that arise from your core, your life unfolds with greater ease, harmony, and inspiration.

Then, no matter what happens, you engage it from a deeper perspective that opens greater possibilities. When you are coming from a place of inner peace, you can choose to inhabit intentions, thoughts, feelings, and actions that express “who you are” and “what you are here to do” for the greater good.

Enjoy your practice,

Kevin Schoeninger

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