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Is “Materialism” Holding You Back?

In this week’s posts, we’ll explore how a “materialist” view is a severe limitation that hampers your ability to experience a deep and abiding sense of peace, love, purpose, and joy.

We’ll begin with an interesting fact from physics. Did you know your body is 99.9% space? What does that mean?
One thing that means is that our ordinary five-sense perception is missing something—something Big.

Not only is your body 99.9% space, but so is everything else that you think of as hard, solid matter. How can that be? How can something appear to be so clearly one way, yet hide within it a completely different nature?

It has to do with the nature of perception. We normally see only what we are looking for. We see what we have been trained to see. We perceive according to the current limits of our senses and our beliefs about what is real and possible. If we could expand our perceptual sensitivity and shift our beliefs we may be able to perceive much more.

Materialism is one such set of beliefs. Materialism looks at the world as discrete individual objects that have definitive measurable properties in time and space, such as three dimensions, durability, qualities of movement, color, and so on. If you are looking at yourself and life through a materialist lens you’ll only be able to experience these qualities and attributes.

So what do you do when science proves that matter is mostly made up of space, or of a substance that can’t be measured with our usual physical instruments? Do you dismiss that statement as “ridiculous,” or do you dismiss your materialist belief as erroneous? Do you put that new fact out of your mind, or do you investigate it further to see what implications it might have for your life?

This week, we’ll look at some of the implications of the fact that materialism is a very limited and insufficient view. It severely limits what we perceive as real and possible. What happens if you let go of the materialist view or see it as simply one perspective within a multi-dimensional universe?

On the way to that, allow your mind to consider the possibility that this physical world is supported by dimensions that are immeasurable, fluid, and connected in ways that are beyond your normal five-sense perception.
What difference could that make in your life?


Kevin Schoeninger

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