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Not Feelin’ It?

This week we’ve talked about generating inner feelings of acceptance, appreciation, gratitude, and trust. What if it all sounds good to you, but you’re just not feeling it? What can you do?

One of the simplest ways I know to connect with these feelings is to take an action that expresses them. For instance, if you’re judging someone harshly, express acknowledgment of something that they are saying. Acknowledgement is a first move into acceptance.

You could look them directly in the eyes and say, “What I hear you saying is _______.” You don’t have to agree with or like what the other person is saying, you are simply acknowledging that you are listening to them and accepting one specific thing that they are saying.

After that, you may feel more accepting toward them as they likely will toward you. You may feel able to take it one step farther by smiling and saying, “I really appreciate your ability to express that to me.”

Now you may be feeling even more open to that person and may feel inspired with the next step, gratitude. “Thank you so much for letting me know that.”

Your feeling may have shifted pretty dramatically at this point. It’s likely that theirs has too. You have an experience that this acceptance, appreciation, and gratitude stuff really works. A natural feeling of trust in the goodness and grace of Life may begin to well up inside of you.

As you repeat similar actions in different situations, you may begin to feel a consistent background state of Trust.

You can apply this idea to anything that you feel lacking in your life. Give what you want to receive. In the giving of what you desire, you experience “that” and bring more of it into the world.

Enjoy your practice,

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