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The Healing Power of Appreciation

Yesterday, we talked about the importance of accepting yourself, others, and “what is” as a prerequisite for conscious change. Today we go one step farther by not only accepting “what is” but truly appreciating it. This takes you from that essential “neutral” state into an empowering positive state.

When you practice appreciation you are not glossing over reality and making it nice, you are actually training your perception to see more deeply. You are participating in a positive evolutionary impulse that is tremendously empowering and healing.

Sometimes it may be a challenge to “get to” appreciation. When that’s the case, start by getting to “neutral.” See if you can observe “what is” without labeling it, judging it as good or bad, or reacting to it.

As you learn to shift into neutral rather than criticizing yourself, blaming others, or lamenting how things are, you gain the ability to see what is happening more clearly. You release your negative filter on reality and gain a wider view of what is real and possible. You also see the complex web of causes and effects that have created “what is” right now.

The more deeply you observe cause and effect the more deeply you can appreciate how and why everything is exactly as it is. When you consciously exercise appreciation, you see that everything is exactly as it needs to be for us to learn and grow in peace, love, and wisdom.

Appreciation, like shifting into neutral, is a skill that you can learn. You can exercise that skill right now by appreciating who you are, exactly as you are, and the specific gifts that you bring to the world. Every single one of us has specific insights, talents, and experiences through which we can serve Life. Every single aspect of who you are (even that “thing” you may not like about yourself) makes you a unique vessel for contributing specific things that we all need.

As you begin to appreciate who you are and what you bring to the table, you will naturally extend that same appreciative gaze toward others. As with self-appreciation, you can make it a practice to find the unique and important perspective, talents, and gifts that every single other being has to offer.

Taking your lens of appreciation one more step, you can begin to see how every single circumstance and condition offers opportunities. No matter what happens, you can find a positive possibility within it. It’s simply a matter of training your eyes, your heart, and your ability to perceive that.

Enjoy your practice,

Kevin Schoeninger

P.S. To learn more about shifting into a positive inner state check out “Raise Your Vibration”

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