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The Secret of Inner Smiling

Last week after teaching a qigong meditation class in which I led The Inner Smile technique, I went food shopping. I went to the usual store, at my usual time, and saw the usual people—but something was different. It seemed that everyone was exceptionally friendly and talkative to me.

Now, I am known as a “quiet” person. The gift of extroversion and gab was granted abundantly to my wife, Monica, but in meager amounts to me. Other people generally pick up on that and are often quiet around me—except for Monica. 🙂

So what was different about this day? I attribute it to the radiance of the Inner Smile that was pulsing through me. After class that day, inner smiling stayed strongly with me and it seemed that everyone around me picked up on that and responded in a happy conversational way. Further evidence that what you are doing internally is mirrored in the world around you.

So what is Inner Smiling and how do you do it?

There are several ways to practice an Inner Smile. In qigong meditation we lead smiling energy through our internal organs to facilitate radiant health and well-being. Here’s a simpler form that you can use anytime:

1. Focus into the area of your heart

2. Imagine that you are breathing in and out through your heart

3. Smile from your heart with appreciation and gratitude for the life energy you are receiving in your breath

Inner smiling has been shown to positively affect your heart-rate and blood pressure, slow and integrate your brainwaves, and boost your immune response. It also shifts you into a relaxed positive internal state that is good for you and everyone around you. Once you’ve settled into your Inner Smile you can even imagine sending this energy to others or events with positive effect.

I’d love to hear how this works for you,

Kevin Schoeninger

P.S. In Qigong Meditation we practice Inner Smiling as one of the four keys to creating an internal state of relaxed, positive, clear, and integrated vibration. Check out the “Learn Qigong Meditation Program” to learn more

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