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What’s Your Story?

As human beings we are great storytellers. Besides opposable thumbs, that may be the most distinguishing mark of our species. Our stories can be inspiring and they can be damaging. The key is to become aware of our stories and choose the ones that flow from our deeper essence.

Here’s a simple exercise to become aware of how you’re telling stories. When you find yourself upset, can you recognize the story that you are telling at that moment?

To do that, you’ll need to be able to step back and observe yourself from as neutral a perspective as you can access at the moment. You might ask yourself some questions:

Am I blaming someone or something for what is happening?

What is my intention in this situation?

What words are running through my head?

How do I feel emotionally?

What is happening in my body?

With those questions, you start to access your story at that moment, the way that you are interpreting what is happening. You also begin to take responsibility for how you are responding. Instead of blaming circumstances or other people, you begin to see what you are doing internally that is shaping the experience you are having.

While you cannot always control what is happening, you can adjust your response to whatever happens. You can choose to tell a different story about it. You can tell a story that expresses your desire for peace, love, and inspiration instead of a story that escalates upset and blame.

Maybe most importantly, you can learn to quiet your storytelling, so you can listen and feel for something deeper, more abiding, and authentic. When you are able to do that, your storytelling will reflect a whole different dimension.

The best stories emerge from silence. . .


Kevin Schoeninger

P.S. “The Life You Are Meant to Live” is a program to empower you in writing your authentic story

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