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4 Tips To Overcome Excuses With Holistic Exercise

No matter what you want to do in your life, you may have at least “two minds” about it. Many people have at least two minds about exercise. You’ve probably heard about the research, the benefits, and how good you’ll feel after. You’ve heard that exercise is the single most powerful practice for your health, energy, and well-being. You’ve heard that it is more powerful than any medicine.

Yet that other part of your mind may counter with just as many excuses. Your “other mind” may tell you that exercise is hard. It takes too much time; it’s inconvenient, it’s boring, or “I just don’t feel like it right now.” Other things on your “To Do List” may always come out on top of exercising.

Yet, all these excuses come from looking at exercise in a way that isn’t necessarily true. When you answer your personal objections, I think you’ll find that you see exercise in a new light and you may even look forward to it.

First, exercise doesn’t have to be hard or take a long time. The positive effects of doing even moderate exercise for a short period of time make a huge difference compared to sitting on the couch. Entry Level routines in The Holistic Fitness Training Program take a mere 10 minutes to do and can be done at an enjoyable effort level. You can also do these routines without elaborate equipment, pretty much anywhere you are, so your exercise can be convenient and easy to get done.

Your exercise can also be enjoyable if you incorporate activities that you enjoy or do it in a way that interests you. Whether it’s hiking in beautiful scenery, playing a sport with family or friends, taking a yoga class, or going for a walk or bike ride with a friend. A little bit of planning can make physical activity a part of other things you love to do like socializing, getting outside, and playing.

For those moments when you just don’t feel like it, try just getting started. If you have it in your mind that it can be short and sweet, it will be easier to get going. Once you get moving for a few minutes, the good feelings of exercising will take over and you’ll find yourself enjoying it and likely wanting to do more. Once you have some good feelings from exercising, you can call those to mind and let your positive associations draw you into it. Instead of dreading exercise, you’ll find yourself looking forward to the good feelings you’ll have.

Finally, remember your strong “why” for exercising. What is it that you want? Whether it’s feeling better, having more energy, improving your health, preventing disease, getting to your ideal weight, or just feeling more vital and alive, call your “why” to mind and let it attract you.

Enjoy your practice,

Kevin Schoeninger

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