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Boosting Your Memory

As our population ages, memory loss has become an important topic of discussion and research. We often think of memory in terms of “recollection,” the ability to recall facts, figures, names, and events. Current research shows that you can exercise your body and brain to improve your memory and mental acuity throughout the course of your whole life.

Yet memory also relates to deeper life issues such as sticking with your best intentions and staying on purpose. It’s easy to get “lost” in the overwhelm of tasks, information, and distraction so that you lose touch with “who you are” and “what you are here to do.” When that happens, it’s important to come back to center, back to your essential self.

Here’s a simple exercise that can use to improve both facets of your memory:

Remembering Exercise:

1. When you get up in the morning, take a few moments to sit upright with your feet firmly on the floor and your hands relaxed in your lap. Check in with your body, and take several deep breaths. Relax and follow your breath until you feel a sense of calm presence inside. If you have a meditation technique that you enjoy, you can do that instead.

2. Once you feel calm and centered, record that feeling in every cell of your body and set a precise time later in the day when you’ll remember that feeling.

3. When that exact time arrives, take a moment to take a few deep breaths and come back to center.

4. If you forget to do that, whenever you remember that you forgot, use that moment to take a few deep breaths and come back to center.

If you practice this every day, you’ll find that not only do you remember your time better and better (and improve your memory), but you’ll also stay more connected to your calm center throughout the day.

Enjoy your practice!


Kevin Schoeninger

P.S. For another great way to boost your memory and mental performance, check out “The Unexplored Parallel”

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