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Keys to Conscious Creation

The new world of neuroscience has discovered that our brains are highly “plastic.” Our brains are continually shaped by every experience that we have over the whole course of our lives. Every intention, thought, feeling, and action molds our brain and shapes our life experiences.

The principle is called Hebb’s Law (named after the Canadian psychologist Donald Hebb). It states in effect that “cells that fire together, wire together.” Every time that you intend, think, feel, and do anything, that activity forms a neural network of many different cells firing at once or in a particular sequence.

The more strongly and frequently you activate a particular cellular network the more strongly that pattern becomes ingrained and the easier it is to activate again. Conversely, when you stop firing certain networks, say those associated with an undesired habit, the less strongly those networks fire together and the weaker they become. The great thing is that by intentionally firing a specific network you can grow the influence of that pattern and lessen the influence of any other pattern.

To build what you truly desire in your life, “fire” (activate) these four components together:

1. Intention: focus your attention by knowing “what” you truly want and understanding “why” you want it. You need a strong “why” to intensely focus your attention and create a new life habit or experience. Your deepest “why” relates to your life purpose and serves the greatest good.

2. Thought: create a clear image of what you desire and a step by step plan for achieving it.

3. Feeling: immerse yourself in the feeling of your desired outcome both by imagining being in it and by immersing yourself in the felt experience of the physical activity itself. (In contrast to just “wishfully thinking about it” or just “going through the motions.”)

4. Action: Repeatedly imagine and practice the physical activity. As I learned in Latin class in fourth grade: “Repetition is the mother of learning.” Repeat what you want to create on a daily basis. Mentally rehearse it and repeat the action steps to bring it into being.

Now this might seem too simple, or like something you already know. Or you may not have thought to apply it to a certain area of your life. It works on anything. Yet, it’s one thing to know it and another to do it. If you apply these four keys to what you truly desire, you’ll realize the life you are meant to live.

Happy practicing,


Kevin Schoeninger

P.S. To apply these four keys effectively requires a foundation of relaxation, balance, and vital energy that is often overlooked. Check out “The Unexplored Parallel” to learn more.

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