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Can You Think Clearly?

Observation is your mental capacity to clearly witness present events. When you observe something, you bring it into your awareness and take it in. You do this best when you can “get out of the way” so you allow “the other” to present itself to you fully. You minimize your interpretation and attempt to see it “as it is.”

To the extent that you can do this, you can say that you have more clear and accurate observations. This is important because it’s easy to make things up, project them onto the things you’re perceiving, and think that this is “the way things are.” This is a tremendous source of human conflict. When you think you see things “as they are” and don’t realize that you are filtering and interpreting them, you are likely to conflict with others about the “right” way to see things.

Some good questions to guide clearer observation are: Can you observe what is before you as if for the first time? Can you see it with fresh eyes? Can you observe something without wanting it to be one way or another? Can you allow what you observe to affect you more than you affect it? Are others able to see what you see?

This is the beginning of clearer thinking.

Kevin Schoeninger

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