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Ten Life Secrets I Learned in T’ai Chi & Qigong #10

The key to self-mastery.


In 2004, I visited Beijing, China, on a Qigong study trip. Everywhere I went I found people engaged in daily practice of their self-cultivation disciplines. The picture above is from a park in the center of Beijing that I visited every morning between 6-8 a.m.

Throughout the park there were groups and individuals doing their mind-body routines, from t’ai chi and qigong, to chanting meditations, to painting and calligraphy, to various group dances and forms. As I returned day after day and joined various practice groups, I found the same people, in the same exact places, peacefully and happily carrying on their practice. What a perfect way to start the day.

The Chinese have a saying that if you do something everyday for 100 days it will become a part of your life. They also have a saying that you are a beginner in your art for the first 20 years. These folks know what it means to master their training.

As we approach the New Year, reflect on what you would like to grow in your life. Whatever that is, commit to giving it attention every day. Read about it, share it, practice your skills, and grow your resources. Even 15 minutes every day will build new possibilities in your life.

Enjoy your practice!



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