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EXCITING NEWS (just come my way)

Have you been bombarded with emails talking about
how to prepare for the new decade… Saying things like —

"… NOW is the time to reconnect with your passions,
ambitions and set new goals for the next 10 years?"

No arguments there! … But for many people, I know it
feels like a huge struggle to get started (and who can
blame them with so much crisis on the news and all this
talk of "global economic meltdown")

LISTEN: The best thing you can do to help the planet
long-term is to make yourself STRONG enough to weather
the storms. When you’re strong in your health, your
relationships and your finances, you’ll automatically
pull others up with you (and help directly).


With all this happening, my friend Ryan from Mind Movies
has created something very special for you. And here’s
why you need to pay attention to this:

(Honestly — when I saw what they have, I knew it was the
right thing to do to let you know about it.)

I know that Ryan and the Mind Movies Team are committed
to helping you breakthrough the recession and conquer every
single goal you’ve set for yourself.

And that’s why they’ve put together a special "Recession
Buster Sale" of the Mind Movies Creation Kit. Guess how
much (or how little) your investment is?

Well, it’s SO LOW you’d better go to the web site and see
for yourself:

Now I realize you may be wondering …


A Mind Movie is a short 3 minute video or "digital vision
board". It’s a combination of present tense, positive
affirmations, reinforced with powerful photos and images
and your most emotionally inspiring music.

By watching your Mind Movie twice a day, you stay focused
on your dreams and desires. This allows you to take action
in the direction of your goals…

And not only will you be taking inspired action, but you’ll
also enlist the universe to provide all the people, places
and events you need to make your dreams a success.

The Mind Movie Creation Kit provides you with ALL the
programs, templates and step-by-step video tutorials so
you can create your own Mind Movie.

So even if you are a complete computer novice you can easily
make your own powerful Mind Movie of your most perfect life.

Plus… so you can be inspired and get started straight
away, Ryan is also including 6 Premade Mind Movies on…

** Wealth and improving your finances
** Health and Weight loss
** Closer Family relations
** Spiritual Fulfillment and gratitude
** Attracting the ideal man
** Attracting the ideal woman

You can start watching these right NOW here:

This makes applying the of Law of Attraction loads of fun
and a "real hoot" to work on 🙂

Honestly, the discount they’re offering here is staggering.

So … if you’re determined to make 2010 your best year yet,
Get your Mind Movie Creation kit for next to nothing here:

To Your Happiness and Success in 2010,

Matt Clarkson
The Mind-Body Training Company

P.S. This generous Recession Busting offer ends soon … So
make sure you secure YOUR MindMovie creation kit NOW. Full
details and order your copy here:

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