2 Powerful Tips For Manifesting Your Desires In A Crazy World

    Today I want to share with you two profound secrets for manifesting what you deeply desire – no matter how chaotic the world around you may appear.

    You see, here’s the REAL challenge…

    Modern life is CRAZY… right? 🙂

    It’s full of distractions, millions of conflicting messages and hyper over-stimulation. All that BS don’t help …

    If you lived up a mountain and had nothing to do all day but contemplate your navel, manifesting would be easy as pie (or at least easier) 🙂

    You’d be like a laser-beam of pure focused energy without all the distractions of modern life. You’d pull in what you want with precision and speed. But modern life isn’t like that, is it? Say no more.

    So the question is, how can you manifest what you want in today’s world of “information overload”?

    Today I want to help you answer that question for yourself by sharing 2 manifesting secrets that most people rarely, if ever, talk about. First, a quick update:

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    So with that shameless plug out of the way – let’s continue …

    When it comes to manifesting your desires, I think there are two important ingredients that most people miss out completely. Apply these two secrets in your life and watch what happens …

    1. Create An Energized State Where You Believe Anything Is Possible

    Einstein said, “A problem cannot be solved from the same state that created it.” For many people, their normal waking state is one of stress, or even doubt.

    Obviously that’s not the place to effectively manifest from. You must come from a place of unlimited possibility and a belief that what you desire WILL happen.

    So at least once a day, create an energized state where you believe anything is possible and allow your will to flow from that place.

    As I teach in “Secrets of Abundant Energy”, we first create an energized state with special breathing and movement techniques. We do meditation to bring us back to our Source so that our will flows from the right place.

    Here’s the second secret…

    2. Work With One Overall Image

    The other mistake people make is trying to work on too much at once. A similar thing happens with traditional goal-setting where we’re told to write down our goals for EVERYTHING.

    We’re supposed to have goals for relationships, career, financial, contribution to society etc. Pretty soon there are so many goals we can’t remember anything. With too many goals, it’s often difficult to get the CONSISTENT focus we need to manifest effectively.

    Far better to have ONE overall picture in mind.

    As I teach in “Secrets of Abundant Energy,” create your perfect day in the future. Out of that perfect day can come all of your financial goals, relationships, business, contribution to the world – whatever it is YOU want to create.

    I take you on this guided meditation, actually feeling, seeing, hearing and tasting all those things! It’s based on ONE overall creation that you’re able to repeat on a daily basis. And when you combine this with the energized state, things begin to happen.

    Focus + Energy + Consistency = effective manifesting.

    So, remember, there are two things to think about when you’re creating the life you want. First of all, create an energized state where you believe anything is possible.

    Do it on a daily basis.

    How? The breath is a wonderful tool. I recommend Qigong, but you can also practice Yoga or Tai Chi or whatever internal practice floats your boat. Second, you want to work with ONE overall image. Lots of goals can come from that, but we find one image works best.

    If you want to get really good at this stuff, get “Secrets Of Abundant Energy” and practice daily.

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    Be happy,

    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

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