The Profound Meaning of 2012!

    So here we are in 2012—a year with much hype. Is this year really all that it’s cracked up to be? Is it the end of an era? What will 2012 bring to the planet? I’m not “a psychic,” nor do I normally put much stock in predictions. However, there are a couple things I notice about this year. In this post, we’ll explore two points that may give 2012 a powerful meaning in your life.

    First, I believe that the meaning of 2012 is the same as the meaning of every year—except amplified. Whether it’s some alignment of our galaxy or simply a point that we’ve reached because of our history of behavior up to now, for whatever reason, the meaning of 2012 seems to be amplified. What is this meaning?

    Here’s my take:

    The meaning of 2012 is the meaning you give to it. We do not experience things “as they are,” but as we filter them through our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. What we experience is the result of what we bring to our experience. Each of us is a conscious presence who can inhabit anything we choose—any intentions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions. What we choose to inhabit determines the experiences we have and the meaning of our life. We are “meaning giving” beings.

    It seems to me that what is unique about this year is that our meaning giving activity is amplified. The meaning we give to our lives is mirrored back to us more strongly and immediately. What we experience is the instant revelation of the choices we make. We experience immediate and amplified consequences of the way we are thinking, feeling, believing, and acting.

    For example, if we are thinking one way but acting another, that is shown to us straight away by experiences of tension. If we say one thing, but do another, we experience immediate conflict. If we put off something that we know is best to do, our conscience may tug at us as never before. Relationships that are based on anything less than honesty and integrity may crumble right before our eyes. I believe that action and consequence are accelerated and amplified, so that we can no longer “get away with” being less than authentic. It seems to me that we are being pushed to be honest and integrated as never before.

    I notice this on an individual and a global scale. Things that have been hidden are being brought to the light. If I have been hiding something from myself, even for years, it is now being shown to me in an inescapable way. In the news, I see all kinds of corruption and dishonesty being brought to the surface. Anything that is not on the firm ground of authenticity and integrity is being shaken up.

    Am I projecting all of this? Am I making it all up? It’s possible. After all, we are meaning giving beings and we can believe anything we want. Yet that only proves the point that we are meaning-giving beings. If this is true, authenticity seems to be the rule for success. When you are aligned with “who you are” and “What you are here to do,” your meaning giving activity becomes powerful. This is my second point—authenticity is the rule for success for all meaning-giving beings.

    So, what will 2012 be for you?

    Whatever you make of it.

    I encourage you to make it a year when you honor your authenticity and encourage others to do the same. Be yourself. Do what you are here to do. Love others for who they are. Send your loving acceptance to all beings. I believe the energy of 2012 is here to support us to do that in ways that we may not have been able to up to this point.

    Enjoy your practice!


    Kevin Schoeninger

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      2 Responses to “The Profound Meaning of 2012!”

      1. Becca says:

        Kevin & Team!

        Thank you so very much for the gift of the many downloads recently! Parallel’s abound in 2012! If I believed in coincedences I might wonder, but since I don’t I just chuckle and go on as the universe turns as does, with or without me. I am always happy tho to find confirmation at just about every turn! Just a small comment on some of the other comments I have read on the blog. We all need to keep in mind that we are all on different paths and at different levels of our walks in this life. We can’t all be at the same place at the same time, boy how boring that would be! So, yes some of us have ‘heard’ a lot of this before and from several different sources as well and I have to see that as a sign we are getting on the same wavelength! We take what we need at this point in time, share it with others and move on down our road. Some convergence happily happens and we may meet some of the same players again and again and we will rejoice in the progress or encourage the journey’s continuance! Happy life to you all and please keep up the good work! It really does matter!


        1. Hi Becca,
          Thanks for your appreciation and for insights. I agree with you, and often find that it’s very important for me to hear the same things again and again–and in slightly different words. And, yes, it’s always important for me to keep in mind that people are in many different places in life.

          Thanks again for your support!

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