10 Simple Principles To Help You Manifest Your Desires

    Today I have a great little article from my friend Chris Westra. He’s put together a PDF for you guys called “Ten Laws Of Attraction”.I think Chris’s report goes a long way to exposing the TRAP that’s built into manifesting what you want.

    There’s a trap in manifesting? What trap?

    You know we spend so much of our lives seeking, chasing, trying to make our world the way we think it should be. The mind constantly tells us that what we have or what’s here and now is somehow not enough.

    We perpetually think we need more – more success, love, approval or whatever. And in the wanting or needing, we’re out of alignment with what is.

    Recently I’ve started to see and let go of that darned sense of wanting/neediness in my own life. More and more I’m feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders … AND I seem to be getting more done in less time.

    Now I’m not saying that changing your life is bad. I’m not saying don’t be ambitious, or have high standards, or that you shouldn’t go out there and be the very best you can be and produce spectacular results. I’m all in favour of that, believe me!

    It’s the feeling of neediness or lack that’s the problem here…

    Trust me, I’ve done a lot of needing so I should know :0)

    A lot of the time, the neediness can push away the very things we’re efforting so hard to attract. Yes, it’s true… pushing can sometimes work, but at what cost? More often than not we feel tired, mentally drained and forever unsatisfied.

    You can focus on your dream car, dream relationship, dream job all you like – but it’s the underlying feeling which will determine your success.

    Let go of the neediness, embrace what is and you’ll find what you’ve been seeking is already here (AND you’ll be way more effective)

    So, to find out more about this, check out Chris Westra’s PDF…

    Simply put your mouse over the link that says “10 Laws Of Attraction“. Select “Save Target As” to download the file to your desktop.

    Be happy,


    Matt Clarkson
    The Mind-Body Training Company

    “Only he who knows what is enough, truly has enough”
    Lao Tzu

      17 Responses to “10 Simple Principles To Help You Manifest Your Desires”

      1. Argylle says:

        Thank You

      2. Kathleen says:

        Thank you for the “Ten Laws of Attraction”. I have been having a really tough time lately and today was especially low. I am going to study these laws and implement them.
        Thank you,

      3. Jane says:

        I agree, attracting things effortlessly is all a matter of having the right, positive feelings while you’re thinking about what it is you want!

        I enjoy Christopher’s ideas, and he’s a good guy – re-sent me his e-book on Holographic Creation when my computer crashed!

        I’m excited to find the growing support among manifestors/spiritual growth writers and teachers; I think it shows we’ve all finally come to a point of agreement and understanding that’s significant for everyone looking for answers! I recommend all of Christopher’s ebooks (though I haven’t read his ‘Potty Training’ one!)

        My philosophy of Applying Love works brilliantly because Love is complete; when we experience love for anything, we’re already connected in the best way – no neediness at all! Focusing on Love while we think about what we want brings us the absolute best, for us and everyone else involved.

        Happy manifesting!

      4. Chris Evans says:

        Really enjoy your emails and downloads. Thank you for your content and attention.

      5. NITEEN says:

        hI mATT, i LOVE UR WORK

      6. Joia says:

        Back to basic is the most wonderfull message! I love it!

        I also letting go of the not having and the assumed needs. And it works!
        Suddenly clients call me, start ordering health products from my webshop etc.

        As a personal coach I love life and people.
        But still have some work to do on the self love part.
        And I dont mean ego but just accepting the self exactly like it is and life exactly like it is!
        It works!!

        Thanks for your powerfull message here!

        love and great health Joia

      7. Roberto says:

        My relationship with my wife has come to her wanting to leave how can i change her mind and stay and fight for this marriage and make this a loving Marriage?

      8. Richard Morris says:

        I would like to use the Law of Attraction to se results.

      9. Elizabeth-VII says:

        You are a great asset to the universe! And yes we are one 😉
        Thank you for your inspiration,

        Will work for Peace

      10. Patricia Leonaitis says:

        An old bird who can still learn–that’s me. Thanks.

      11. Patricia Leonaitis says:

        No more needs be said.

      12. Saratha says:

        Thank you, Mr. Clarkson, for your continuous guidance. The world is a lovelier place with folks like you around.

      13. Ryan says:

        Thanks for the pdf – will post it on my wall and read it daily!
        In answer to Roberto, IMHO, there are two avenues you might explore. The first one is clarity – be clear with one another on what your reasons are for the marriage and if they/you have changed. The other avenue is probably more ‘difficult’ and not un-related to the post – you should try to find your definition of love and that may be a case of letting go. I have contemplated this question for a long time and I came to the conclusion that if you really love someone, then you will not want them to be unhappy and you will not force them to do anything they don’t want to do – that being you will choose to love them without the condition of loving you back. That is my suggestion. Good luck.

      14. Robin Gross says:

        Thank you for sending me the Laws of Attraction. I am always looking for new ways to empower and energize my clients and your article filled my need today. Personally, I plan to post the laws in the most public place I know – the staff bathroom!! – to encourage my team to avoid the deadend thinking traps and to help mobilize myself!

      15. monisha says:

        dear matt,

        loved ur ten laws. and the hidden trap in manifesting in particular. u are absolutly right. one is never at peace and rest and then one manifestation needs another and yet another and so the cycle continues. maybe one should manifest the basics. and manifest that we are happy with our now with our present and that the universe knows the best. but i do believe that one needs to go thru the cycle of first manifesting, realise how manifesting works and that it is possible, and therefore how important it is to stay positive in our thots and emotions. then we realise that we can indeed let go without trying to control every micro detail of our life while we believe that everything is happening for a purpose and in our good interest.

        please continue the good work.

        warm regards.


      16. Emeritus says:

        Dear Matt,
        I really do agree with Chris Westra and you,there was a saying “The more you resist ,the more it will persist”.

      17. Jara says:

        Okay, commenting on the afterlife.

        Well, I have ‘gone there’ myself in my younger years.
        However, what you are suggesting means that number one, there is no absolute reality. Ascended Jesus ‘says’ that is the bite from the apple. Believing everything is subjective is the road to hell.
        If you’ve ever followed it, my experience had confirmed that. I can think about it again. But first, what you’re saying means there’s people being tortured in hell because christians believe in it. There are pagans being reincarnated. Whatever you believe you get. What about someone that believes something that turns out to not be true?
        What is that?
        Your higher self making a decision the lower is out of touch with?
        So basically, by your theory, we are a universe at war.
        With every christian’s prayer, homosexuals, pagans, buddhists, and every non christian is being smothered in hellfury because SOMEONE else believes in it.
        Unless they assert that the creation need not be experienced, provided you believe we all merely get what we believe?
        okay then riddle me this.
        How do we get new diseases?
        Something never fathomed. You don’t know you have it.
        Cancer, one would say… You didn’t know you had, but you knew it existed so the potential was there. But what about new diseases? The potential is there because we know a new disease can exist? Okay, then what about the first person that contracted the very first disease?
        I agree a great deal with some of the thoughts on quantum physics, but I think you take it too far. What you’re saying means ego rules the ENTIRE world. The universe.
        That would make ego the highest power.
        I just think you’re missing something is all.
        I’ll think about it more. I don’t presume to KNOW.
        I can tell you from what I understand, is through evolving emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, we attain a state of infinite pure energy… THIS is ‘heaven’. This is pure light. Through transcending guilt, victimhood, blame, resentment, and learning to love.
        Like I say in a song of mine… I will die ‘from all of this love burning me inside out’.

        The problem with writers is, when they believe themselves, they speak as if its a fact.
        What about all the books that factually declare reincarnation?
        Or heaven, hell? Nothingness?
        This is how relativity fails to appeal to me.
        Because it makes everything nothing and leaves us in an orthodox jewish type of afterlife, attaining nothingness.
        I FEEL that there is more love out there. That there IS abolute truth. That a pagan doesn’t need to suffer in hell because their parents were christians and prayed all the time.
        That we can all transcend to discover God is EVERYTHING, in EVERYONE and we don’t depend on eachothers thoughts to exist, nor do the rules of our afterlife.

        By the way, why does everyone think our lives are so monumental that the thoughts one has during it defines your eternity? I admit, life is a BIIIIIG deal, but come on!
        500,000 years from now I’ll be buzzing around as pure energy based upon what I perceive my afterlife to be now?

        I was visited by a deceased relative who said heaven or the afterlife ‘is not like you’d expect’. So what does that say?
        Was it him?
        Was it a projection of mine?
        Do I create an afterlife thats surprising because I believe in it?
        Did i subconciously create the notion that it’d be different?

        To be fair ill give it more thought
        But i don’t know that I am so the center of the universe that the only reason the house I live in exists is because I expect it to.
        So then if humanity were extinct all of our buildings would disappear?
        What about the plants?
        Do they perceive the house as there?

        I’ve gone there, don’t get me wrong
        Okay, I’m gonna expect a very powerful, very sexy, virile, passionate, spiritual alpha male, about 6’3, strong, built, gorgeous, and masterful with sexual energy so potent that it catapults me into never imagined levels of unrelenting rapture to be astrally projecting to me as a sort of foreplay to the relationship we’ll soon have. A connection so exquisite, every molecule of his being’s ultimate state of frenzied bliss lies in bringing my every molecule this rapturous pleasure, through him being pleased by me with care for my whole self, love, gratifying me beyond reason sexually, taking me to the same heights.
        What i mean is his molecules ultimate expression is the pleasure they feel by bringing me pleasure, pleasure I experience by feeling his pleasure released into me.
        OH you know what i mean.

        Lets see how long it takes
        I do expect it
        it is my birthrite.

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