Easily Activate Your Relaxation Response

Most of us are familiar with our stress response. Your muscles tighten, your brain fogs up, your heart races, and you feel overwhelmed with the pressures you’re facing. Did you know that you also have a natural, built-in “relaxation response”?

In the following mini-meditation you’ll discover a simple technique to
quickly shift into deep relaxation:


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Imagination Is For Grown-Ups Too

My nine-year-old son is a master of imagination. Several times every day he acts out a vivid, full-blown narrative with his action figures. Each morning he asks about the day’s schedule so that he makes sure he’ll have time for his “story.”

When we grow up, we often lose our imaginative powers. The “To Do” lists get long and we are glad if we get through most of it before our energy is done for the day. If this is all we do, life becomes grey and kinda’ “Blah.”

We often praise those that break free and invent, create, and inspire us with their imaginative feats. But how often do you exercise your own imagination? Especially if you feel stuck in a rut, it’s time to set your imagination loose on the way you wish life could be.

Take time to day-dream. Or call it “visualization” if that sounds “more productive.” Make your visions vivid, exactly the way you want them. But don’t just see them, feel them. Feel what it’s like to live in your vision. Then, journal it. Sketch it. Color it. And build it–if you want to make it real.

Imagination is your life-line to new possibilities. It’s essential for grown-ups–not just for kids.


Kevin Schoeninger

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